Robert J. Bobby Fulton (From Soulville)


BOBBY FULTON, ROBERT J. - Primarily what we do is tell the world about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through God's Word, Songs and Service; and we oversee and pastor Gospel Music Ministries International (GMMI) aka Gospel Connection Outreach Church 'The Church Coming To You.'

Rev. Dr. Bobby Fulton, Robert J., Ph.D.; aka Bobby Fulton from Soulville; Place/Date of Birth: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, March 5, 1941; Residence: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Personal:  Married, Children and Grandchildren; Occupation-Profession: Minister of the Gospel via the Word, Music and Human Services; Founder and Senior Pastor of Gospel Music Ministries International aka Gospel Connection Outreach "Church Coming To You;"  Founder and Director of Spiritology Institute (Spiritological Theology Research); Entrepreneur (Bobby Fulton from Soulville and Supertown-Music of Pittsburgh Record labels; State Government Retiree - PA Human Relations Commission.

Background: If I might speak personally and upfront, we started singing at Sunday School and in the choirs at Greater Zion Missionary Baptist Church, and in the Halleluhia Chorus (a Community Choir) in Harrisburg; The Emperors was formed when I was eleven years of age - 11 years later and a few member changes, the Emperors - recorded “Karate” on the Mala label; I also performed, wrote and recorded with the Soul-Exotics, another Harrisburg group; The Bobby Fulton 'from Soulville' Band with 'Soulful Sounds from Soulville' was formed and recorded the first Bobby Fulton 45 single “I’m Not Sorry” b/w “The Jimmy Spriggs” on the Capitol City label (prior to Karate and our recordings with the Soul-Exotics); Those recordings, however, gave birth to Soulville-Jaywalking Records that produced records on the Soulville All-Stars, the Continental Four, Gloria Spencer (Gray) and numerous other Soul, R ‘n B, and Gospel acts.  Through Soulville, we worked with the great Philadelphia producer Bobby Martin who produced my song 'Memories,' recorded by Little Doolie.  I also wrote Songs for the Pennsylvania Turnpike (formerly the Sashades) that recorded "People Are Falling In Love" (Beautiful People) b/w The World's Breaking Bad on the Perception label; A friend of mine from New York City, Stan Price, who later left to work in promotions for Delight Records and Kool and the Gang, lured me to Pittsburgh with Black Circle Records.  During my brief stint with Black Circle, I met Booking Agent, Ray Mitchell and Luther DeJonnet whose band 'Sixth Day Thing' accompanied Black Circle artists on recordings and on tour. I later played keyboards with, recorded with, and formed great relationships with some of the local talents in Pittsburgh such as guitarist, Ronnie Jones and the Zaruba Street Players, Floyd Beck, Butch Martin, Sonny of the Premiers, and Phyllis Hyman before she left Pittsburgh, and I did work for Joe Averbach of Feebee Music and his Del-Vikings group.  I also managed the female singing group 'Sisterhood (Cookie and Gloria Williams, and Tina Thompson).  Gospel Music Ministries International was called into being during my 'epiphany calling' to the Gospel Ministry while attending East Stroudsburg State College (now University) in the Pocono Mountains.  Ever since what I learned, subsequently, was my 'Spiritological Gospel Connection,' with the Father, God of the Holy Spirit, through my belief in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, I've been on a mission as a witness of the Most High God in my life and to use my talents for His causes through Jesus Christ.