From the recording GOSPEL CONNECTION

<p style="text-align: left;"><strong>Our&nbsp;"Gospel Connection&rdquo; Story</strong></p>
<p>From I Timothy 2:5, the Gospel Connection&nbsp;represents the primary theme and mission of our ministry.&nbsp;&nbsp; The Gospel&nbsp;<br />Connection Outreach "Church Coming To You" was coined during the Gospel Connection Radio Outreach, and took on a life of its own and was officially adopted as the church outreach arm of Gospel Music Ministries International.&nbsp; Our CD, "THE GOSPEL CONNECTION - OLD, NEW and TRUE" is a commemorative&nbsp;compilation of songs written out of&nbsp;our life and ministry&nbsp;experiences over the years - It is available only when requested via this website. &nbsp; Helping others make their&nbsp;gospel connection with the Lord Jesus Christ is still the primary objective of our ministry&nbsp;and,&nbsp;if you have not done it already, today, you are invited to&nbsp;make your "Gospel Connection!"</p>